Abro Premium Oil Treatment Concentated to help Engine - 443ml

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ALL AROUND ENGINE PROTECTION – ABRO OT-511-B-T 4 Stroke Bike Motorcycle Petrol Oil Treatment is an ideal companion for your bike as it treats your vehicle for better engine lubrication. It reduces the friction and sound coming out of your bike.

CONCENTRATED TO REDUCE NOISE – If you’re annoyed by the noise your bike is making, then it’s time to say goodbye to those annoying sound. We have specifically concentrated the solution to silence noisy valves and lifters of motorcycles.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL OILS - It goes well with all kind of engine oil. Apart from that, it also shows compatibility with other synthetics. If you’re worried about your bike engine wearing off, you must use our product to prolong the engine’s life.

GENERAL PURPOSE OIL - Abro premium quality detergent motor oils are available in mono-grade and multi-grade viscosity. They are highly refined general-purpose oils for gasoline and diesel engines that make your bike run smoothly on the road.

ENHANCES PERFORMANCE – If you’re someone who’s riding an old bike, then Abro Petrol Oil Treatment can do wonders to your bike as it provides proper treatment to the engine and reduces the friction and unnecessary noise.

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